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Experience Counts

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I've produced an encyclopedia. First as a college film enthusiast, then as an accomplished Marketing Communications/PR agency owner, and as publisher of many catalogs, magazines and advertising campaigns in print, video and multimedia. I enjoy creating images of all kinds and know how effective and important great photography and design is in successfully implementing sales, marketing and public relations programs and campaigns.

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Mark Wellman, Photographer

My clients demand images that convey quality, design and expertise. Much of my work is used on the web and in print to showcase buildings of many types, spaces, attractions and campuses. Increasingly, I help clients present their properties through spherical virtual tours and panoramas. These are unique professional skills and expertise I and my team offer you in addition to traditional photography. I am also an audio engineer and videographer. I actually started the pro audio program at NESCOM.

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Clients use our work to improve their sales, marketing and public relations programs. They want to attract new clients, customers, consumers, or employees, and/or improve public perceptions. Some simply want to spotlight the talents of their employees' work. Showcasing great work elevates the morale of those who created it and increases appreciation by others who become aware of it. That's good business! Contact us and we'll share some case histories with you.

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What We Do and How We Do It

Photography by Objective

When I started my advertising agency in 1987 clients needed photography that met specific objectives. After years as a serious enthusiast I ramped up my skills, equipment and studio for product, portrait, and promotional photography. Fast forward to 2005 when I began publishing Bangor Metro and other custom publications all requiring imaging excellence. Along the way I had worked for national, regional, and local clients. Today I continue to improve my skills with technology.

Resolution Matters

The images on this website are all work commissioned by clients. With the advent of smart phones many people think they can get all they need with selfies. But to capture true high definition digital images requires much more horsepower in the camera and on the computer. Besides Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, other software platforms allow more detailed experiences and presentations that can deliver the punch to showcase your products, places, and potential.

Spherical Virtual Reality Tours

Today's new virtual tours allow viewers to immediately step into a location and see everything around them. Whether a hotel lobby, marketplace, church or library, when you open a virtual tour online you get a much more comprehensive sense of what a place is like! Even if you want to sell a house or business, high definition VR tours work best. If architects or builders wants to showcase their designs or work, VR Tours are best. You can google this for yourself or simply send me an email and I'll send you a white paper on it.

Our Clients Are Business People

Mark Wellman is an accomplished marketing and public relations consultant with a long track record. He's also a veteran Vistage coach. When we get a client with some clear goals in mind, he helps strategize how to accomplish them efficiently and effectively. If you have or need an edge on your competition we'll help you get and use it to win more business and market share. All you have to do is first say hello and he'll suggest ideas how you might do it with no obligation on your part.

For You Equipment Gurus

We use the latest Canon 5D MKIV full frame DSLR with superior high resolution capture, Canon 17-40mm, Sigma 8mm, Tamron 28-75mm and Tamron 75-300mm lenses. Manfrotto Tripods, Paul Buff Studio Strobes, Canon 580XL and Godox 685 Flash, Manfrotto 303SPH multi-row panoramic head, Glidecam XR-PRO for video stability. Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom CC, Aurora HDR Pro, PTGui Pro, Photomatix Pro, RTV, Arri hotlights, Generay LED lights, assorted stands, reflectors and soft boxes. 


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Please contact us to schedule a time when we can discuss your opportunities and how we can help. We'll answer all your questions before you decide if you want to work with us. Our closing ratio is near 100%

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